Advice For Eyebrow Extensions Training- Factor For Successful Consultation With Your Client


Once you are done with your eyebrow extension training and beginning to develop your customer base, you will realize that the consultation is one of the most significant components of ensuring that each of your customers has a pleasant experience with you. It will help you decide whether the client will value the result of eyebrow extensions or not, understand what brow shape the client desire, and handle any individual expectations effectively. Here are a few tips to help you keep your consultations useful and informative:

Greet Your Customer Warmly In Your Salon 

The first non-technical thing taught in an eyebrow extension class is the way you welcome your client. It is always preferred to greet your new customer with a friendly handshake at the entrance. A personal welcome reflects the competent, optimistic, and friendly approach of your clinic and yourself. A sincere and warm welcome is an icebreaker.

In most cases, it will be your customer’s first time in the chair, so there may be some uneasiness. Your client is most likely to feel a bit unsure and nervous. Customers will generally research the service and past reviews from their former clients, which means they’re going to have predetermined notions of what’ll happen. 

Safe And Comfortable Space

It may be your chance to create an enjoyable new experience for your client. Utilize the time wisely and don’t hurry to escalate during the process. Make your client feel secure, comfortable, and happy. There is a high probability of miscommunication and misunderstandings at this stage. If you don’t provide your client with complete satisfaction, your client might get disappointed.

Ask Questions From The Client And Listen Carefully. 

Begin the consultation by asking the requirements of the client and check if there are any special requests that the client wants. This will enable you to understand their preferences in terms of shapes, colors, and sizes of extensions, take your time and listen actively to your customers. Make her feel more comfortable and relaxed, realizing that their opinion is essential. Don’t be afraid to give a customer’s expert advice on what looks more attractive. Note that if your customer leaves your facility satisfied, it is more likely that she will return for further treatment and recommend you to others.

Understand Your Client’s Need

The step before suggesting any treatment is to talk about style. People have caught on to the “lash brow” concept Have a way of showing work samples to your clients, and provide them time for questions and to come up with a decision. Show them some of the potential designs that you would suggest to them. Explain what you can safely do for them after examining the health, length, and diameter of your client’s brows. 

Remind the customer always that first and foremost priority is their health and safety. First, have that conversation before you get started.

Go Through The Consultation Form And Address Any Health Issues

The next additional lesson is the consultation form, where the client signs a consultation, release, and liability form before you start the treatment. It helps you take any health condition into account and further help in giving them the desired look. Investigate if they have any allergies that could cause them any adverse reaction or hindrance in the treatment. When the client signs the form, it means that they are giving you permission to perform the procedure and use the product without any legal charges if anything unavoidable happens. 

Take time to scrutinize the form with the client thoroughly and answer any queries she may have. This will help your customers to understand the treatment entirely. Addressing health issues in advance may highlight any risks or safety concerns that come with the patient background. In case of some life-threatening health concerns, remind your client to consult their doctor before undergoing the treatment. 

Provide A Detailed Description Of The Treatment

A consultation provides the customer with a fantastic opportunity to learn about the process and its further features. The more information the customer acquires about the procedure, the more effectively she can schedule her eyebrow extension. Explain the fundamentals of the process and the timeframe of the applications that take 30 to 90 minutes.

Put Out Your Best Work Every Single Time

Just because you have described the procedure, and the possible outcome, don’t be startled if some customers are not impressed. Occasionally, this happens to all of us. They may come with impractical expectations. Even after the consultation, the questions answered, and the outcome, you may not be able to get the response you expected. That is completely fine. Just relax, and always do your best work.

Be Truthful And Accurate

When you specifically tell her what you should expect her eyebrow extensions treatment, your client will be satisfied with your service. Make them understand the fact that a few brow hairs shed every day, and it is better to get a re-touch every two weeks. Therefore, it is crucial to help your customers with light brow hair realize that their extensions usually will not last very long. 

Explain the fact that adhesive ties to their hair are stronger than their bodies, so it would be more acceptable to receive extensions for a special event. To keep the look consistent, it would require several refill trips and an immense time to do that and failed to address this could cause your clients to feel disappointed. 

Take the maximum benefit from the Eyebrow Extension Course and remember that consultation plays a vital role in preparing the customer for her new eyebrows. Take your time, answer all questions, and always put your client’s best interest first.

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